Welcome to the MS2W institutionalization blog


This blog is about exploring the world of change management and drawing the insights from best practices in the corporate world to guide the institutionalization of change in educational institutions.

Our goal is to provide ideas and share stories about change management for organizational leaders and change agents to apply to your institution to bring about successful and lasting instructional change.

That is why we call this blog "Make change stick."  The focus will be on the application of research supported strategies, techniques, and tips for change through innovative instruction, work-based learning, and industry partnerships for MS2W Network institutions.

In the ensuing blog posts, Dr. Kenneth Bartlett, professor and organization development expert from the University of Minnesota, USA will share his expertise and experience in helping people and organizations change.  In his blog posts, he will summarize relevant theory, state-of-the-art practice, and provide proven strategies for sustainable change in higher education.

We invite you to follow the blog and share your reaction, questions, and stories from your change efforts.  We would love to hear from organizational leaders, change makers, managers, students, and readers and hope you will interact and engage with other network members on the blog.





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