Decoding College for Your Career


Article By: MekongSkills2Work Career Editor

Graduating is always exciting, but reality sets in and forces you to face the big question, “What am I going to do with my life?” To prevent this from happening, here are some healthy habits for current college students to adopt to better equip them for the workforce:


  1. Learn the game early! College is definitely the time to explore, learn, and enjoy yourself, but always remember to keep your long-term goal in mind: successful employment. Keep tabs on what skills you already have, what skills you would like to refine, and what skills must be acquired for your ideal job. If you are unsure of what you want to do in the future, take some time to research fields that align well with your interests and your strengths to draft some possibilities.

  2. Build your support system! Keep in mind that networking and good relations among your colleagues and professors are just as important as your individual qualities. Create positive impressions to maintain because your professors can be the link to the perfect letter of recommendation or internship opportunity. Go to office hours, ask questions, and participate in class to show that you are engaged and sincere about learning in order to build your credibility.

  3. Be essential to a team! Treat group projects as opportunities to improve your people skills through communication and problem-solving tactics. Recognizing when to take initiative as a leader versus the appropriate time to harmonize with the rest of the group is essential in the workplace. Finding the necessary balance in teamwork shows that you have advanced understanding and maturity for tasks without constant supervision.

  4. Stay active and present! Participate in campus activities to dress yourself up with extra touches that reflect your personality, interests, and diversity. Whether it is a sport, volunteering, or professional organization, let your passions show through the activities you choose to dedicate your time towards.

  5. Practice makes habit! Remember that habits are formed through regular repetition until it eventually runs on autopilot. Make the conscious effort to apply these habits thoroughly during your time in university through practice. Gather your resources and seek out internships that best relate to your interests and gain real on-site experience. This way, you are better aware of what employers expect out of their employees and have earned an advantage over others in the pool of applicants.


Be conscious of the fact that preparation is half of the work. If you set goals to keep you motivated and on track, your transition from college to the workforce will be effortless and less intimidating.