CONGRATULATIONS HCMUTE on your 55th year of success!


Article By: MekongSkills2Work

Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education (HCMUTE) celebrated her 55th anniversary on October 5, 2017. HCMUTE hasn’t always been called this way. It was founded in 1962 as the Board of Technical Education of Phu Tho Technical Education Center and was renamed as Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education (HCMUTE) in 2014. From that day until now it has been through a lot of major changes, developed and grown into a respectful and well- recognized institution.


Becoming a smart university


The university sets the goal for 2016-17 "To become the smart university by application of IT and IoT.” In the digital era where technology transforms education, it is crucial to know how to make the best use of it. To achieve this goal, HCMUTE starts from applying IT and IoT in improving their innovative instruction -- blended and project-based learning.



Coming up strong in the digitizing age/world


From June 2017, HCMUTE has become a pilot autonomous university. Four academic programs of HCMUTE have been accredited by AUN-QA (Asian University Network-Quality Assurance). With the university’s philosophy – Humanity, Innovation and Integration --, the university is ready to welcome changes introduced by the Industrial Revolution 4.0 which brings both challenges and valuable opportunities.


As HCMUTE is part of the MekongSkills2Work Network, USAID COMET has been heavily involving and supporting the last 2 pieces of HCMUTE’s philosophy. In the age of technology, traditional teaching approaches are not enough to prepare students for today and future jobs. The university has adopted the innovative learning methods, which are available in the MS2W workshops and courses exclusively for instructors in the Network, and integrated these approaches in their classes and curriculum.


“Your roles in the new era are that of the facilitators, coaches, who provide instruction, coaching, but not teaching like what you did in the past century.” Said the President of the University to instructors.


These creative approaches gives students the kind of learning experience that can truly enhance their learning process which is exactly what they need to conquer and seize professional opportunities in the rapid digitizing world of work.


You will be free from the fear of unemployment when you graduate from HCMUTE. However, I expect you (to) not only well complete the roles of engineers, but also dare to dream big, have bigger goals, and more ambitions that are audacious.” the President’s remark to students in his anniversary address.


According to the youth employment survey in the AY 2016-17, 95% of HCMUTE graduates have found a job within 6 months after graduation. Among them, 49 % have found their jobs before graduation.


HCMUTE has impressively achieved their goals with their proven quality. USAID COMET is proud to be a part of this exciting journey towards many more successes.