Small Steps Towards Building Institutions That do Work-Based Learning


Blog Article By:  Chris Murray, Work-Based Learning Technical Advisor


“A concrete baby step is not a token effort; it's a tangible, usually hands-on response to a problem”

 Bobby Sager, philanthropist, photographer, entrepreneur


Simple, concrete first steps toward improving working opportunities for youth. This is my goal. How do we do this together?

All over the world employers are saying that learners have sufficient skills to be useful and trainable; but they don’t have the right attitude and they don’t have sufficient work experience. Our learners are expressing a desire for more opportunities to spend time in the workplace.

The internship program at many institutions is a giant leap for our learners, our youth. Many of our youth have limited exposure to structured workplaces. For many, the first time they really work is during the internship. It then takes them many weeks before they are useful to the workplace.

So how do we improve this process? How do we better prepare our youth to go into workplaces? How do we empower them to do this themselves? How do we help them take small steps through work exposure and work experience to better prepare them?

We prepare our institutions through a ‘small step by small step’ approach to build systems and processes to institutionalize work experience.

Our brand new MekongSkills2Work Work-Based Learning Toolkit provides you with guidelines and tools to help you create experiences that get your learners ready for their internships.