What's Happening in the 2017 Lower Mekong Labor Market?


Disruptive technologies are the changing job arena globally, especially in the growing labor market of the Lower Mekong (LM) subregion. The 2017 Lower Mekong Regional Labor Market Assessment conducted by USAID COMET project together with Mahidol University Institute for Population and Social Research (IPSR) focuses on priority economic sectors in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Accounting, and Tourism (STEM+AT), highlighting emerging labor market trends, case studies of innovative companies, as well as identifying skill sets which are necessary for youth to thrive at work in the upcoming years. 

The thematic focus for this year's assessment is the emergence and impact of an innovation economy in the LM sub-region. Specifically, the 2017 report includes:

  • A focus on disruptive technologies, defined as new or emerging technologies that are anticipated to cause significant impact and disruption to the lives of people, businesses and the global economy in the next decade.  This includes the Internet of Things (IOT), 3D printing, drones, robotics and automation, and cloud computing.
  • The impact to traditional businesses as they seek to adapt and to remain competitive in the face of disruptive technologies.
  • The development of a startup culture structured around the emerging innovation economy.
  • Growing demand for hybrid skills, which combine technical, entrepreneurial and non-cognitive (soft) skills to meet the demands from businesses for employees to be engaged in self-driven lifelong learning.

Key highlights

Key highlights

"Some might think that 'innovation process' is an oxymoron, but you need a fairly structure process to drive innovation or you have little chance of collecting great ideas and no chance at bringing them to market"

Ben Chamberlain, UMT (Microsoft)

Skills You'll Need to Land That Job

Skills you'll need to land that job


LMA 2017

LMA 2017



Education in the classroom through project-oriented learning, and work-based learning with exposure to real employers can be paired together to promote the development of hybrid skills.

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